Running for District Office

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Why run for a District Office position?

A. If you want to learn more about Key Club, gain valuable experience, and meet new friends, you’re on the right track! Serving on the I-I District Board will immerse you in Key Club as you help make decisions for Fall Leadership Rallies and District Convention. Your main job as a member of the District Board is to maintain integrity and leadership qualities while bettering the mighty I-I District.


What positions are there? How do I run for the office I want?

There are various offices you can run for on the District Board. Let’s take a look at them more specifically:

*Lieutenant Governor– Each division has a Lieutenant Governor (LTG). This person is responsible for assisting the clubs of their Division. Their job is to bring information from the District and International levels of Key Club to

their clubs. As LTG, you would attend three Board meetings a year (5 counting District Conventions), publish a monthly newsletter, and submit monthly reports. LTGs are installed on the Sunday of District Convention and hold their office until the next annual District Convention. How do I become Lt. Governor? In late Fall, your current Lieutenant Governor will hold

a Divisional Council Meeting at which you have the opportunity to run for LTG. You will give a short speech and two delegates from each club will vote. If you are interested in running for Lieutenant Governor, please contact your Lieutenant Governor. How? Check out, look for the Leadership tab.


*Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Statistical Secretary, and Iolian Editor- Although these offices vary widely, they do have one thing in common…you run for them at District Convention! These five positions are elected by the House of Delegates at District Convention each spring and serve until the next District Convention.

 How do I become Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Statistical Secretary or Iolian Editor? In February, the I-I District website ( will have all forms necessary for you to fill out to be considered a candidate (this includes the candidate biography and literature that goes into the District Convention program) You will be required to give one speech in front of the entire convention, yield questions in five different caucus rooms a total of two times. Then, on Saturday afternoon of District Convention, the House of Delegates (two voting delegates from each club) will elect the officers for the next year. Note there is an optional 1-minute speech at the House of Delegates.

 Want to know more about these very demanding positions? Simply reach out to current Executive Officers holding these positions. Most are in attendance at this very Rally.


Please go through the following files for more information:

Running For District Office PowerPoint

Running For District Office Handout 

File for candidacy here by February 1st!

If you have missed the deadline to file, you can still run off the floor! At opening session, the floor will be opened to nominations. Someone must stand up on your behalf and say ” I (Insert Name) from the Key Club of (Insert Key Club Name) nominate (Insert Your Name) from the Key Club of  (Insert Your Key Club Name) for the office of (Insert Desired Office). Someone from a different club must then second that motion.