Charter a Club

Key Clubs are chartered in partnership with a Kiwanis club and a school or community-based organization serving high school students. Although Kiwanis sponsorship is preferred and very helpful, a school-based Key Club can form without a Kiwanis sponsor, if one is not available.

This information can be used by community leaders and Kiwanis members to share information about Key Club with potential members and administrators interested in chartering a Key Club. Building new clubs is very important in the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District; if you know of a school near you that does not have a Key Club but is interested in chartering one, please contact your Lieutenant Governor.

For complete chartering materials when a school or community-based organization has agreed to build a Key Club, please check out the online Key Club chartering toolkit. The information will assist advisors and community members in developing young leaders by chartering a Key Club. For more information about building a Key Club, please contact your Illinois-Eastern Iowa District Board, specifically the New Club Building and Membership Development Chair.

Please go to the Club Files page under Club/Member Resources to find informational documents that will aid this process.