Hello, I-I Key Clubbers!

My name is Jenna Meehan, your 2018-2019 District Editor! As the editor, it is my job to compose the Iolian, the official publication of the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District. The purpose of the Iolian is to inform members of the I-I District what is happening with other clubs in the District, what is happening with the District Board, service project ideas, service partners such as The Eliminate Project, deadlines, events, and so much more! You will be able to access the most recent copies of the Iolians here on the I-I District website and on if you search “Iolian.” You should also receive a copy of the Iolian from your Lieutenant Governor when they send out their Divisional newsletter. I encourage club editors to send in Iolian submissions for a chance to be featured in the “Club Spotlight” section of the next issue that is sent out! You can directly email me submissions ( or submit articles through the website. However, pictures must be directly emailed to me. I also request that submissions are approximately between 180 and 300 words. Feel free to email me any questions you have about submissions and thank you for reading the Iolian!


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