Pay Dues here!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact District Treasurer at treasurer@iikeyclub.org

The Mighty Illinois-Eastern Iowa District goal: At least 50% – 70% of all clubs submit dues by the Early Bird deadline and receive the Early Bird banner patch.  

Check out the Guide to Early Bird Dues and the All About Dues!

What are dues?

  • Dues are a small amount paid by Key Club members in order to belong to Key Club International. In the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District, dues are $12.00 ($7.00 goes to International and $5.00 goes to district). However, clubs may also charge an additional amount for fundraising/housekeeping purposes.

Why should I pay dues?

  • The Illinois-Eastern Iowa district uses dues to for its officer/board budget and fund events such as the annual District Convention, where Key Clubber from all over the district spend a weekend together to celebrate the new Key Club year and enjoy some Key Club fun. Dues are also used in providing members with printed copies of resources such as the district mailing and Iolian.
  • International also uses the money to create and distribute materials such as various promotional materials, posters, and the Key Club magazine through the Key Club Website; for your membership card and pin; for the administrative/officer/board budget; for the Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF); International Convention; and Recognition Awards.

How do I pay dues? (General process; in 4 easy steps)

1. Log onto www.keyclub.org/MUC. This will take you to the Membership Update Center.

2. Use your faculty adviser’s email and username to access the Membership update Center.

3. Add, Remove (specifically seniors), or Edit the information for all members.

4. Once the electronic form is completely filled out and updated, you can pay with a credit card online or print the invoice out and mail that along with dues money to the Key Club International Office at:

Kiwanis International
PO Box 6069 Dept 123
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6069

For a video version of accessing the Membership Update Center, click here!


Early Bird Deadline: November 1st (you get a patch for your banner!)

Regular Deadline: December 1st

What if I don’t pay dues?

  • If you as an individual do not pay dues, then you are not considered in “good standing” with Key Club International. This makes you unable to hold office at any level-club, district, and international, prevents you from attending conventions, and renders you ineligible for any District or International scholarship opportunities.
  • If a club fails to submit dues, it could become suspended or inactivated (inactivated clubs require an addition fee to be reinstated) as well as become ineligible for any awards, honors, or grants such as the Youth Opportunities Fund grant. After a long enough period of time, the club’s charter could be revoked.

Dates to Remember:

October 1st – Clubs may begin the dues process in the Membership Update Center

November 1st – Early Bird Dues deadline

December 1st – Regular Dues deadline

December 2nd – Non-paying Clubs are moved from active to delinquent status

December 31st – First Delinquent Dues notification sent to Key Club President and faculty advisors

January 31st – Second Delinquent Dues notification sent to school principal Sponsoring Kiwanis club

February 1st – Non-paying clubs become suspended

February 15th – Second Delinquent Dues notification sent to school principal and faculty advisor

October 1st – Non-paying clubs become inactive (requires an addition $100 reinstate fee to be reactivated)